IFORD Institute’s Purpose

Is to improve the life-expectancy of antibiotics through the following four efforts:

  • To design, build, and operate new hospitals with standards that the IFORD Institute has proven using disease prevention engineering.
  • To provide education and tools that allow engineers and technicians to gain certification as disease prevention professionals.
  • To gather the information that was discovered as a result of research by the scientific community, and putting it to work to solve HAD’s. This includes sponsoring research projects explicitly directed toward the development of information and technology that works to combat HAD’s.
  • To inform and lobby international governments to control the use of antibiotics by removing them from animal husbandry and availability in simple bazaars and shops, and rededicating them for strictly controlled medical purposes.

Hospital Infection

Introductory Video for the IFord Institute

The IFord Institute is a dedicated patient and staff advocate.

This video describes IFord’s plans to combat the problems of Healthcare Acquired Disease (HAD) and begins to direct the viewer’s attention to the question of antibiotic resistance in pathogens. The implications of HAD’s seem to be ignored by the three trillion dollar medical business in the USA, while the healthcare industry remains focused on profits.

Speaker Availability

IFord has delivered lectures on the Disease Prevention Engineering both domestically and internationally to audiences from around the world.

The IFord Institute will provide speakers free of charge to discuss topics related to hospital design and disease prevention. Host will be responsible for travel expenses.

IFord Institute to Present at a Venue Near You

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